Privacy concerns

Our service is HIPAA compliant.

In accordance with HIPAA standards, SlothZero clients have full control over how much communication our coaches have with their allies (like therapists and parents). The level of involvement—from both coaches and allies—depends on each client.

You're in control.

You choose your team of “allies.” The team of people who are allowed access to your progress reports depends on you. That group of allies—or cheerleaders—could include your:
  • Therapist
  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Friends
Your designated allies can see your real-time, online to-do list. If granted access, clinicians can also add tasks and assignments as needed. Sometimes, procrastinators are a simple nudge away from getting started. The more people you have in your corner cheering you on, the better.

Confidential weekly reports

Your and your designated allies will also receive a weekly email summarizing your activity, achievements, and challenges. As the weeks go on, this data becomes increasingly helpful.

Slothzero is a white-label service, and all our email and texting correspondence is HIPAA compliant. If the therapist uses diagnostic language to describe you, you can rest assured that that information is kept confidential.

Nevertheless, we strongly encourage clinicians to avoid all diagnostic language, as we never use it with clients. We find it improves compliance not to pathologize you. We use everyday natural language (”accountability,” “procrastination,” “avoidance”) because our staff are not doctors; they’re coaches.

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