Case studies

While we won’t violate patient confidentiality by giving you real details about our clients, the following examples are based on real cases.


Sally the Student

Dr. Smith had a patient named Sally who struggled in her college coursework. Her parents had already pulled her out of four school programs for bad grades. No matter how hard she tried and how many strategies she and Dr. Smith came up with together, she just couldn’t manage to remember her assignments or focus on her homework from week to week.

Dr. Smith referred Sally to us. She started meeting with a SlothZero coach once a week, and together they made a detailed plan. They broke down all of her assignments into manageable chunks, scheduling each on Sally’s calendar. Most nights after school, Sally’s coach would sit on Zoom with her while she studied. Slowly, Sally built up the habits—and the self-confidence—to let her bring up her grades.

Nancy the Novelist

Nancy had always wanted to write a book, but she could never develop a sustainable writing habit. She had a busy job and two kids; her free time was pretty limited.

She decided to give SlothZero a try. She consulted with Coach Z, and together, they built a plan.

Nancy was an easily distracted person. She was also an extravert who like to work with other people around—which was why she was so successful at her office job, but could never manage to write when her kids were asleep and she was alone.

So Coach Z started sitting on Zoom meetings with Nancy every night for an hour. In the companionable silence, Nancy was able to stay focused and energized much more than she would have if she were alone. And because of the standing appointment (that she was paying for), Nancy felt less inclined to slack off.

After six months of accountability coaching, Nancy had finished her first novel.

Aaron needed help with ADL

Some of our clients struggle with activities of daily living (ADL). One such person was Aaron, whose doctor referred him to us for help doing basic tasks like:

  • Showering
  • Brushing his teeth
  • Taking his medicine
  • Getting to work on time

Our coach, Jon, met with him and discussed his goals. Aaron told Coach Jon he was frustrated because he couldn’t seem to “have a normal life.” He couldn’t make himself get up on time or do basic things around the house. He knew he would be much happier if he could just get into a routine.

Coach Jon helped him create an ideal schedule for the week. They agreed Coach Jon would send an encouraging text each morning with a reminder of that day’s goal. Aaron would send Coach Jon a photo to prove he was completing each task—whether it was his made bed, himself brushing his teeth, or his medication bottle.

Frank the Fitness Buff

Dr. Jones, Frank’s therapist, started to notice how much Frank’s poor body image was affecting his mental health. While she and Frank were working together to improve Frank’s relationship to food and his body, Dr. Jones thought it would also help Frank to develop a regular health routine.

Frank and Dr. Jones agreed that he would start going to the gym three times a week. They agreed that getting more activity in his daily routine—and building confidence at the gym—would help him feel better.

But something was wrong. At their weekly sessions, Dr. Jones would ask Frank if he went to the gym that week. Frank would say “yes.” But only at the very end of the third weekly session did Frank finally admit that most times, he would show up to the gym locker room, but feel too embarrassed to change and work out. He would usually just sit in the sauna, shower, and go home—feeling even worse about himself.

Dr. Jones realized she didn’t have the time to make sure Frank was sticking to his goals. She referred Frank to SlothZero.

With Coach Yara’s help, Frank built a plan he could be excited about. Every week, Frank would attend three boxing classes. He would also go to the farmer’s market and make a meal with the fresh ingredients. Finally, he would aim to drink at least six glasses of water a day.

These small routines seemed manageable to Frank. He and Coach Yara agreed he would text a silly picture of himself in the mirror at the boxing gym, or a photo of his haul from the farmer’s market.

And with Coach Yaras help, he stopped feeling lonely and ashamed of his fitness level. Now, Frank is a self-described fitness buff.