The magic of zero.

From personal assistance to coaching, from goal planning to calendar management, from timely reminders to yearly planning, Slothzero helps you reach your goals. 

  • Zero forgetting.
  • Zero distraction.
  • Zero busy work.
  • Zero missed opportunities.
  • Zero regrets.

If you or someone you know needs help getting things done, call us for a free one-on-one consultation with our small, dedicated team.

We’re real people—no AI in sight!—who can get you to zero.

Get your work done. On time, every time.

Anything worth doing in life requires work. It takes work to study and master a subject, lose weight, get in shape, apply for a job, or clean the house. And this work seems worth it, doesn’t it? Working to reach your goals is a trade you want to make.

Yet, paradoxically, you have trouble doing your work well and on time. You want to do it. You need to do it. You’ll be mad at yourself if don’t don’t do it. And yet, you have trouble getting it done. There isn’t an outside force stopping you; there’s an inside force that seems hellbent on stopping you from putting your best foot forward.

Some of us call this inside force “procrastination.” Others call it “ADHD.” Others still call it “laziness.” But whatever it is, time and again it seems to stop you from clarifying your goals, generating a sequential task list, blocking out time on the calendar, and then buckling down to get the job done.

And the emotional cost for this personal, often private, failure is high. You have regrets. You beat yourself up for missed opportunities. You get in avoidable trouble at work, school, and home. You might even call yourself names and lose faith in yourself.

Slothzero’s mission is to stop the pain and start the healing by helping you do the work you need to do — on time, every time.

We have a system, and we're not afraid to use it.

Over eight years and tens of thousands of hours, we’ve developed a system for making sure you get all your work done and nothing falls through the cracks.

Powered by humans

Silicon Valley seems to want you to think that every problem in productivity can be solved by an app. Newsflash: it can’t. If an app was going to help you, it would have helped by now. Slothzero knows the #1 key to getting your work done is the human connection. People weren’t meant to work on their goals in isolation. They were meant to work in groups where a person they know and trust holds them accountable to their goals.

Tech you can understand

Slothzero is powered by humans, but we also use the best modern tech to keep track of your goals. We’ll set up and run your calendar for you — and share your calendar with all of your allies. We’ll create and maintain a dynamic to-do list so you never forget a thing. And we use text, chat, phone, and video to call you when you need to do your work — and get you to do it!

A community of sloth lovers

While 1-on-1 coaching and the best productivity tech is a powerful mix, there’s something even better: a community of other people who share your goals.

In a class at school with other Slothzero members? We give you a forum to meet, share study tips, and talk.

Trying to lose weight? Write a novel? Apply for a job? Slothzero has a support group for that. Because work is easier to do together.

With the Right Motivation, Great Things Can Happen

Many of us share the experience of procrastinating. Whether you’re putting off doing laundry, avoiding making that phone call, flaking on a friend, leaving that essay unfinished, or simply forgetting about some of the things you have to juggle to keep your busy life on track, we know that it’s a problem—but we don’t know what to do about it.

At Slothzero we teach you how to motivate yourself and form habits so you can cross out those to-do items, work toward your big dreams, and better manage all the moving parts of your life.

What we offer

After a FREE initial consultation about you and your goals with one of our staff members, we match you with an experienced accountability coach who will create timelines and plans for how you will achieve you goals and will support you throughout your plan. Our main services include:

Goal setting and planning

We figure out what you need to accomplish, whether it’s the little things in your daily life, your dreams for the future, or both. Then, we work with you to create a goal timeline and accountability plan that we’ll help you stick with!

Calendar & task management

We create a workflow through calendars and other tools that help you get closer to realizing your goals, however big or small.

Personalized communication & support

Ready to talk to a real person?

Click the button below to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with Lacey, our friendly intake specialist.

Types of customers

College students

High schoolers

Kids & pre-teens

Built by procrastinators, backed by neuroscience

Slothzero’s founder, Dr. Peter Freed, is a licensed psychiatrist with ADHD. Even after graduating from Harvard, UC Berkeley-UCSF medical school, Cornell Psychiatric residency, and a Columbia fellowship, he still struggles with focusing and getting his work done in a timely matter. Now, he treats patients with similar problems.

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020, Peter started asking his personal assistant, Yana, to sit on Zoom with him while they did work together. The accountability helped him stay focused; soon, he was getting all of his work done and more. Peter started offering the same accountability coaching services to his clients who needed help getting things done—and thus, Slothzero was born.

Since starting Slothzero, Peter has helped clients reach goals big and small, from getting in shape, to writing a novel, to simply being consistent about daily activities like taking their medicine and brushing their teeth.

Slothzero was built on a foundation of psychological and sociological data that examines central theories behind procrastination and motivation. We’ve channeled our research into a service that teaches you how to harness your own potential and gives you the language and tools to know why you’re not meeting your goals and how you can achieve them.

The core of Slothzero’s promise is that, with connection, trust, and accountability, we can achieve what we set our minds to — together.

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