Your clients aren’t self-destructive.

They’re just disorganized.​

How many times has your ADD patient promised to follow your suggestions and get their week on track, only to come back the next week and admit none of it happened?

You don’t have time to sit on a video call with your patients and make sure they get their work done. But if you could, wouldn’t it make your job as a clinician easier?

One of the biggest struggles of treating patients with ADD and similar diagnoses is understanding what their day-to-day life is like. Therapy is all about uncovering the past and how it relates to the present—but what about dealing with the present as it relates to the future?

You only see your patients once a week. You don’t have the time to hold their hand through goal setting, calendar management, and completing daily tasks.

But as soon as they leave your office, you miss out on what happens in their lives. Why exactly are they not getting things done? What, specifically, gets in their way?

Coaching can fill in the gaps to provide future-focused support and guardrails to help your patients succeed.

Your client is closer to their goals than they think.

For both patients and clinicians, it’s easy to feel like getting their life together is like climbing Mt. Everest. It seems like a faraway, nearly unreachable goal.

But if their mental picture is Mt. Everest, the reality is more like a ladder.

How we partner with you

As a clinician, you show your patients how to confront negative emotions instead of avoiding them. But you meet just once a week in an office—so Slothzero provides something therapy can’t: day-to-day structure.

If productivity is a highway, Slothzero provides the guardrails to keep your patient from exiting to the shame turnpike. Our coaches are firm but kind guides who support the patient and keep them on track throughout the week, between therapy appointments.


How the coaching process works

Step 1: Refer your client

Your first step is to get your patient in touch with us. That might be by calling or emailing us yourself, or by giving your patient our contact information.

Step 2: We set up your client’s scope of work

Our intake team helps the patient define expectations for their work with us, identify their goals, and establish an ideal time frame.

Step 3: Our Contract-Centered Coaching (CCC) philosophy

One of the hardest parts of getting people with ADHD, ADD, or just problems with organization, planning, and forgetfulness, is knowing what to say to them and how to say it when they need an intervention.

Step 4: What happens in your client's weekly meetings?

Clients and coaches meet every week to make sure everyone’s on the same page. They follow the same agenda every time to keep their work front of mind in a timely manner—and so clients can see their progress.

Step 5: We reassess the process and adjust accordingly

Finally, our team makes regular reassessments to refine and optimize the client’s plan for the best results. These reassessments typically take place every 3-6 months.

Ready to talk to a real person?

We’re here to help you help your clients. 

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Types of customers

College students

High schoolers

Kids & pre-teens

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the dream of Slothzero to train people with new executive skills so that over time, they can function on their own. But the truth is that ADHD is a chronic lifelong condition.

Slothzero may become a permanent part of your life—and there’s no shame in that. We don’t overpromise or underdeliver.

For Peter, our founder, accountability coaching is a permanent part of his life. And that’s okay! ADHD is more like diabetes than pneumonia; it’s a chronic condition.

In medicine, there’s a famous saying: emergency problems require emergency solutions, while chronic problems require chronic solutions.

Accountability coaching also isn’t for everyone. Around 80% of clients stay with us for 16 weeks, but we know that for some people, this isnt’ the right help at the right time. If that’s you, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

For the most part, our coaches are there to be a supportive presence. We provide guardrails and structure to help clients feel empowered to be productive.

Our coaches and clients agree on an accountability system that works best for the client—anywhere from sending a reminder text message, to sitting on a video call while the client completes a task.

But some of our clients struggle with activities of daily living (ADL) and need support just getting off the ground. We can help bridge the gap.

If there are tasks that a client can’t complete on their own, we offer a personal assistance service. With this service, our assistants can help clients complete basic tasks like:

  • Reviewing homework assignments
  • Booking plane tickets
  • Paying a bill
  • Signing up for a new internet provider
  • Booking a rental car

If a client needs our help doing tasks that can be done online or over the phone, we can take care of it for them for an additional hourly rate.

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