Become a Zero Hero!

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Most of us are taught to think poorly of zero. We want big numbers — friends and likes and GPAs and scores and money. We want as much self-esteem and sef-confidence as possible. We want more more more more more. Who wants zero? Nobody. Zero people, in fact. Nobody. Nada. Zilch. 

And therefore it’s particularly ridiculous sounding when somebody (that’s us!) stands up and says “you’ve got it all wrong! Zero is great! Zero is the best! Only the rarest of the rare and the best of the best can achieve zero. You have to be a hero to get to zero.”

And yet that’s exactly what we’re doing. We want to create a movement: the zero movement. We want to get everybody to zero. Or as we say to our youngest clients, we want everyone to become a zero hero

Joseph Campbell introduced America to “The Hero’s Journey,” the 12-step journey from an unsatisfying present, through challenge, to a fulfilling future, by developing courage and skill under the caring eye of a mentor: Dumbledore, Obi Wan Kenobi, Mary Poppins, and more. 

At Slothzero we turn that into the “The Zero’s Journey,” in which a disorganized student develops good study habits under the guidance of a coach — a Slothzero coach! The coach teaches them the power of task lists, calendars, reminders, and planning. Over time the student uses these skills to do their work in a timely, calm, proud, and skillful way. As Campbell emphasized, it’s not a smooth path. There are always setbacks in which the student doesn’t “come through” for themselves. But that’s a key part of the journey. Learning to persevere — developing grit —is a life skill that develops only in crisis. 

As the months go by the student’s work habits improve, grades go up, and self-esteem rises. And when they’ve mastered the habits of planning, calendarizing, and agenda-driven task management, they’re ready to to it on their own! They’ve become a Zero Hero. Hooray!