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Meet Peter Freed, SlothZero’s founder.

Peter is a licensed therapist with ADHD. He’s always struggled with focusing and getting his work done in a timely matter—and he treats patients with similar problems.
During the COVID lockdowns of 2020, he started asking his personal assistant, Yana, to sit on Zoom with him while they did work together. The accountability helped him stay focused; soon, he was getting all of his work done and more. He realized you don’t need to be in the room with someone to help them stay on track.
Peter started offering the same accountability coaching services to his clients who needed help getting things done—and thus, SlothZero was born.
SlothZero is all about interpersonal accountability coaching. Since starting SlothZero, Peter has helped clients reach goals big and small, from getting in shape, to writing a novel, to simply being consistent about daily activities like taking their medicine and brushing their teeth.

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