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Every wisdom tradition has noticed the same thing: there’s a way to be productive without fear, and with a sense of a higher calling. No matter which framework you ascribe to, SlothZero meets an essential need for chronic procrastinators.

From a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework

The coach is modeling executive functioning for the patient.

From a psychodynamic framework
The coach models ego-functioning for the patient.
Ideally, the ego mediates between the super-ego and the libido—moderating between thinking too much and immediate gratification—to be productive.
From a communal framework
Most religions think in terms of a spectrum between grace and fear. While you may be used to struggling to get things done out of a fear of failure or sense of shame that you aren’t good enough, our coaches model a mindset that is closer to a grace-based worldview.
Being productive is being true to your higher self and your values; it’s about what you owe yourself and your health—with plenty of grace and understanding if you fall short.
From a narrative framework

In a narrative theory made popular by Joseph Campbell called The Hero’s Journey, your patient is the hero archetype—the Luke Skywalker, for instance—and their coach is the mentor, like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Mentor

The mentor, usually (but not always) an old, wise woman or man who helps the protagonist overcome their doubts and disabilities and become the hero they can be. This archetype is a human universal, found in all societies.
You might notice that the Mentor enters the story right around 3 o’clock. The protagonist meets their wise-person after they have crossed their personal threshold of admitting they have a problem—in other words, they want to overcome their personal demon, procrastination.
By modeling healthy productivity in a way that’s non shaming, our coaches make it easier to work. In our thousands of hours of coaching, clients tell us it’s easier to work with us by their side.

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