The best productivity coaching services in 2024

You know what you need to do, but it feels impossible to actually do it.

Sound familiar? Procrastination is a common problem, but it seems like everyone has different tips and solutions that work for them (at least for a while). Maybe it’s a flashy new to-do list app, a focus timer, or even a support group. But what if you’ve tried all of the above, and none of them work?

Maybe you need to go beyond one-off apps and tools. A productivity coach can be an invaluable ally in your journey to setting and reaching your goals. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about productivity coaches, who they can help, and the services they offer. Then, we’ll suggest a few top productivity services to try in 2024.

What is a productivity coach?

Productivity coaches specialize in helping you maximize your efficiency and achieve your work and personal goals. They can provide personalized guidance, strategies, and support to help you overcome obstacles, prioritize tasks—and ultimately, unlock your full potential.

In your first session, the productivity coach will conduct a thorough assessment of your current habits, routines, and workflows. This helps them identify your unique challenges and gain a clear understanding of what’s working well (and what needs improvement).

Based on this assessment, they’ll then develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. This plan may include strategies for:

  • Better time management
  • Organization
  • Goal setting
  • Stress management

The coach will then work with you to implement these strategies, providing ongoing support, accountability, and feedback along the way.

One of the key roles of a productivity coach is to help you identify and overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back. Whether it’s procrastination, perfectionism, or lack of focus, a productivity coach will help you develop strategies to address these challenges and stay on track toward your goals.

Benefits of hiring a productivity coach

  1. Improved time management: A productivity coach can help you identify where your time is being spent inefficiently and develop strategies to make better use of your time.
  2. Increased focus and clarity: By helping you prioritize your tasks and set clear goals, a productivity coach can help you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  3. Better work-life balance: A productivity coach can help you create a more balanced approach to work and life. In turn, this ensures you aren’t neglecting other important areas of your life.
  4. Reduced stress: By helping you manage your time and workload better, a productivity coach can help you reduce stress and avoid burnout.
  5. Greater accountability: A productivity coach provides accountability and support. When you’re not alone, it’s easier to stay committed to your goals and take action toward achieving them.
  6. Enhanced productivity: Ultimately, working with a productivity coach can help you become more efficient and productive—allowing you to achieve more in less time.

Who should hire a productivity coach?

While the name might sound fancy, productivity coaches can help practically everyone. They’re basically trained professionals who can help you stay on track and reach your goals more efficiently.

A productivity coach can benefit people like:

Entrepreneurs and business owners

Entrepreneurs and business owners often juggle multiple responsibilities and face high levels of stress. A productivity coach can help you streamline workflows, prioritize tasks, and achieve business goals more efficiently.


Professionals in any field can benefit from working with a productivity coach. Whether you’re a manager looking to improve team productivity or an employee looking to advance your career, a productivity coach can help you maximize your potential.


Students face a unique set of challenges, from managing time effectively to staying motivated and focused. A productivity coach can help students develop study strategies, manage their time more effectively, and achieve better academic results.


Writers, artists, musicians, and other creatives often struggle with procrastination and creative blocks. A productivity coach can help you develop routines and strategies to overcome these obstacles and stay inspired.

Individuals going through life transitions

Whether you’re starting a new job, going through a career change, or dealing with a major life event, a productivity coach can help you navigate these transitions more smoothly and stay focused on your goals.

Anyone looking to improve their productivity

Overall, anyone who feels overwhelmed, unfocused, or stuck in a rut can benefit from working with a productivity coach. They can provide you with the guidance, support, and accountability you need to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

What makes a good productivity coaching service?

Every productivity service is different, but most offer some (or all) of the following services:

Productivity tools

Some tools use AI to help you build your schedule, while others give you simple techniques that you can apply to multiple apps and tools. But most productivity services work within a tool or set of tools. You’ll want to look for one that meshes well with your style and preferences. 

Also, think about what those tools accomplish. The best services collect enough data on your performance to show you your baseline and growth over time. 

Based on science

Any productivity coaching service you choose should have a comprehensive understanding of human psychology and the psychology of motivation. They should also base their methods on empirical studies of what works and what doesn’t. This applies to tasks ranging from the big picture, like setting goals, to the small picture, like choosing effective focus techniques.

Personalized coaching

Some services go beyond coworking and automated scheduling by having real people who are trained in productivity methods consult with you, develop a customized plan, and continually reassess your progress.


Is your coach trained and supervised? Do they compare notes with other coaches and undergo constant training?

For example, medical doctors are required to go through continuing medical education and work within a community of other trained professionals. They’re expected to remain current in their understanding of medicine. Similarly, your productivity coach should be properly trained and supervised to give you the best service possible.


Many individual coaches are available on their own timeline, and you only meet with them once a week at set times. But the best services have coaches who are available when you need them. If you need a coach, you can call them—even on a Saturday morning when you need motivation to do that workout or chore. They’re there to push you when you need them the most. 

Personal assistance 

Some productivity coaches offer personal assistance services as well. They may complete basic tasks for you (like making a doctor’s appointment, booking flight tickets, etc.). 

Executive assistance and/or coaching

For entrepreneurs, business owners, or executives, productivity coaching can include business-focused services. Some may offer executive assistance for managing your schedule and sending you reminders. 

Others may even include executive coaching, where psychiatrists help you dig into the emotional and psychological impacts on your work performance. 


Community can be a great aspect of a holistic productivity tool. Many productivity tools and services focus on body doubling, which is the act of working in the same room with others who are also working. Working silently alongside others is a great way to reduce distractions and stay focused. Humans are social creatures, and we get more done simply by being in the same room (or on Zoom) with others while we work.

Support groups and forums can also be a helpful way to increase your productivity. Some productivity services offer these elements of community to help you feel supported by your peers, not just your coach.

Escalation protocol

How does the coach handle you not doing your tasks? Are they empowered to check in with you or hold you accountable?

The best productivity coaches do more than just passively check in with you once a week. They should have techniques and helpful strategies for escalating situations that need extra attention. For example, at Slothzero, our coaches and clients agree on a set procedure for when the client is unresponsive or not following their plan. The coach might send texts, call them, or hop on a Zoom call so they can complete the task together.

What productivity coaching is NOT

While productivity coaches can do a lot for you, there’s one thing they don’t do: prescribe medications.

Stimulants are used by 10s of millions of Americans to improve productivity. However, most productivity coaches aren’t psychiatrists and are not medically licensed to give you a psychological diagnosis. Productivity coaching is not a mental health or biological treatment.

If a client is interested in getting diagnosed or trying prescription solutions, their productivity coach should refer them to a mental health or medical provider.

3 best accountability coaching services

Now that you have a good idea of what productivity coaches do and how they can help, let’s look at a few top coaching services on the market today. Many coaches and apps specialize in one coaching area—like body doubling or tech support—while others provide more of a holistic productivity coaching experience.

1. Real people with science-backed methods: Slothzero

Slothzero was founded to fill a need in most procrastinators’ lives: judgment-free, science-backed accountability and productivity coaching. Our service starts with a consultation to learn more about your goals and struggles. Then, you’ll be paired with a trained productivity coach who will help you dig deep and develop a personalized coaching plan.

Many productivity tools out there rely on AI or faceless technology to help you overcome procrastination—but Slothzero’s service is based on the knowledge that we do our best work with other people. The human connection is key to getting your work done, which is why our coaches are the foundational element of Slothzero’s productivity coaching philosophy

From there, we pair trained coaches with the best modern technology to train you on a simple, efficient productivity process, no matter your comfort level with apps and gadgets. We create and maintain a dynamic to-do list, then put action items on your calendar so you never forget a thing. Our coaches then use text, phone, or video calls to check in and make sure you’re following through on your plan. We believe in firm but supportive communication to keep you on track.

Beyond personalized productivity coaching, Slothzero also offers a dynamic and thriving community. Join other “Sloths” with similar goals and interests in our online forums. If you’re in a college class with other Slothzero members, we’ll provide a forum to meet, study, and collaborate together. Or maybe you’re trying to write a novel, lose weight, or apply for a job—no matter your goal, we probably have a support group for that! Work is easier to do together, after all.


  • Personalized action plans and accountability coaching
  • Optional personal assistance service to complete basic tasks for you
  • 24/7 availability from coaches
  • Body doubling and support groups
  • A clear system for setting goals, completing tasks, and holding you accountable 
  • Modern tools for easy and efficient productivity
  • Science-backed coaching


  • Not a full personal assistance/executive assistance service

Slothzero pricing: Individual plans start at $90/week.

2. Best coworking: Groove

Image source: Groove

Groove is a body-doubling service that lets members join one-hour coworking sessions (called “Grooves”). The service is geared towards business owners and remote workers who need personal support and motivation to get things done. 

Each Groove starts with a quick introduction, during which each participant says hello and sets an intention for the session. The next 50 minutes are for focusing, and the last 5 minutes are for sharing how the session went. Grooves don’t have facilitators or coaches; they’re simply coworking sessions that you can join from anywhere with your phone.

Who Groove is best for: This service is a great choice for entrepreneurs and remote workers who just need the presence of other people to motivate them. If you need more structure, accountability, or personalized coaching services, Groove won’t fit the bill—but if you want an affordable and supportive community of peers, this app might be for you.


  • Affordable, remote body-doubling
  • Great way to build a community with other professionals


  • Mobile app only (no desktop access yet)
  • No personal coaching or personalized accountability
  • Groove is invite-only, so you’ll need to apply to join and there may be a waitlist

Pricing: $18/month with a 2-week free trial.

3. AI productivity coach: Rize

Image source: Rize

Rize is an AI productivity assistant that focuses on helping users maximize their deep work time. The “productivity coach” gathers data on your activity and sends you real-time feedback on when to focus, take breaks, or get back on track. The tool also offers features like focus music, website blocking, and a Pomodoro timer so you can block out distractions and get work done. 

If you’re looking for an AI-powered tool to provide focus features while analyzing your work patterns to give you personalized tips, Rize might be worth checking out. Rize’s advanced metrics help you see how often you’re context-switching, which apps or sites distract you most, and what you spend your time on throughout the day.


  • Distraction blocker
  • Focus music
  • Project and task management
  • AI break and overworking notifications
  • Automatic time tracking and detailed reports


  • No human contact
  • The data-heavy app could be a distraction in itself for some chronic procrastinators

Pricing: Free for session timer and one day of data. Paid plans start at $9.99/month.

Final thoughts: How to choose a productivity coach

The productivity coaching service you choose depends on your needs and goals. First, consider your budget. Are you willing to invest in a high-quality coaching service that can provide a comprehensive, science-backed solution? Or are you looking for an affordable tool that meets one or two specific needs?

It’s also important to know yourself. What motivates you, and what areas do you struggle with? Maybe you just need a body-doubling routine to help you stay focused. Or maybe you need help organizing your schedule, and an AI-powered tool could help cut down on that work.

Or maybe you need a real person to help you break your goals down into manageable chunks—and a support system to help you stay on track. If it’s the latter, Slothzero is probably right for you. Click this link to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation today.